Database of ORNL Publications - Technical reports, etc.

Building Envelopes Research

Hygrothermal Material Properties for Soils in Building Science, M. Kehrer and S. Pallin

Next Generation Roofs and Attics for Homes, W. A. Miller, P. W. Childs, A. O. Desjarlais, L. Haun, J. Jacobs, A. N. Karagiozis, J. Kosny, T. W. Petrie, A. M. Syed, J. Wilson, D. W. Yarbrough, and A.Younquist

Modeling Supermarket Refrigeration with EnergyPlus™, Therese K. Stovall and Van Baxter

Building Equipment Research

CDQ™ Dehumidification with Climate Changer™ Air Handlers, TRANE®

Commercial Integrated Energy Systems Provide Data that Advance Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power, Andrei Petrov, Jeanette Berry, and Abdolreza Zaltash

Design and Development of a Gas-Engine-Driven Heat Pump, Isaac Y. Mahderekal, Robert G. Gaylord, Tommis Young, Kevin Hinderliter, and Ed Vineyard

Doored Display Cases, Brian A. Fricke and Bryan R. Becker

Field Test and Performance Verification: Integrated Active Desiccant Rooftop with Heat Pump Capability, Jim Fischer and Jim Sand

High-Performance Schools: High Marks for Energy Efficiency, Humidity Control, Indoor Air Quality & First Cost, John Fischer, Kirk Mescher, Ben Elkin, Stephen M. McCune, and Jack Gresham

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Energy Efficiency

Assessment of National Benefits from Retrofitting Existing Single-Family Homes with Ground Source Heat Pump Systems, Xiaobing Liu

Benchmark for Performance: Geothermal Applications in Lincoln Public Schools, J. A. Shonder, M. A. Martin, T. R. Sharp, D. J. Durfee, P. J. Hughes

Commercial Sector and Energy Use, Michael MacDonald

EPA ENERGY STAR Program and Energy Data Normalization, Terry Sharp

Feasibility Study of Using Ground Source Heat Pumps in Two Buildings at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Piljae Im and John Shonder

Feasibility Study of Using Ground Source Heat Pumps at the Sullivan Elementary School, Yokosuka, Japan, Piljae Im and John Shonder

Geothermal Heat Pumps at Ft. Polk: Early Results, Patrick J. Hughes and John A. Shonder

Geothermal (Ground-Source) Heat Pumps: Market Status, Barriers to Adoption, and Actions to Overcome Barriers, Patrick J. Hughes

Pay Dirt: Designing, Selecting, and Installing a Residential Ground-Source Heat Pump System, Xiaobing Liu, Patrick Hughes, and Jeff Munk

Reported Energy and Cost Savings from the DOE ESPC Program, John A Shonder, Tarrah Glass, and Erica Atkin

Seeing Savings from an ESPC Project in Fort Polk's Utility Bills, John A. Shonder and Patrick J. Hughes

Technical Evaluation of the McKinney, Texas Experimental Store, Michael MacDonald and Tarrah Glass

Whole-Building Integration Research

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (AARA) FEMP Technical Assistance, Hill Air Force Base, Piljae Im

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) FEMP Technical Assistance, U.S. Naval Bases at Guam and Japan, Piljae Im

Carbon Lock-In: Barriers to Deploying Climate Change Mitigation Technologies, Marilyn A. Brown, Marilyn J. Chandler, Melissa V. Lapsa, and Benjamin K. Sovacool

Foundation Heat Exchanger Final Report: Demonstration, Measured Performance, and Validated Model and Design Tool, Patrick Hughes and Piljae Im

Light Commercial Building Flexible Research Platforms, Patrick J. Hughes

Making Homes Part of the Climate Solution: Policy Options to Promote Energy Efficiency, Marilyn A. Brown, Jess Chandler, Melissa V. Lapsa, and Moonis Ally

Making Industry Part of the Climate Solution: Policy Options to Promote Energy Efficiency, Marilyn A. Brown, Roderick Jackson, Matt Cox, Rodrigo Cortes, Benjamin Deitchman, and Melissa V. Lapsa

On Performance Metrics for Guaranteed QoS in Industrial Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks, Tega Kuruganti and Wayne Manges


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